Mission and Focus


The Educator Impact Laboratory helps state and local education leaders develop and apply the latest tools and methods to measure the impact that educators have on their students, put these findings into context, and use them to improve education.


Decision makers at state and local levels can turn to the Educator Impact Laboratory for the latest tools, information, and thinking from leaders in the field. We can help state and local education agencies use research to answer questions about educator impact to improve education.

The Educator Impact Laboratory equips education leaders to make better decisions by:

Demystifying the statistics behind using value-added and student growth models for accountability through interactive workshops.

Creating interactive data visualization tools to support real-life decision-making

Weighing in on important debates through a blog about education concepts related to standardized testing, use of test scores to measure teacher and principal performance, and research methods

Building a network of academic affiliates representing the most cutting edge research on educator impact

Convening events to present research, working papers, and academic publications

Sharing data analytic tools, including a repository of open-source value-added programming code and free tools to evaluate program effectiveness through rapid-cycle evaluations and randomized control trials.