Ewing Marion Kauffman School Year 7 Impacts

Publisher: Oakland, CA: Mathematica
Jul 26, 2019
Matthew Johnson and Alicia Demers

Key Findings:

  • During its first seven years of operation, the Kauffman School had substantial positive impacts on student achievement growth in mathematics, English language arts, and science, beyond the growth achieved by students in other Kansas City public schools.
  • The Kauffman School’s impacts on student achievement are higher than the average impacts found in studies of other charter schools.
  • The Kauffman School has higher ACT scores than the average across all other high schools in Kansas City, though the necessary data were not available to calculate the impact of the Kauffman School on student ACT scores.

The Kauffman School is a public, tuition-free charter school serving students in Kansas City, Missouri. In the 2017–18 school year, the Kauffman School enrolled 994 students in grades 5 through 11. Most (87 percent) of the students were low-income, and 89 percent were black or Hispanic. To measure the impact of the Kauffman School on its students, we identified a group of students in other Kansas City district and charter schools who had similar demographic characteristics and achievement at the end of 4th grade. We compared outcomes for those students to the outcomes of Kauffman students in 5th through 11th grades.


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