Tool Demos

After developing a useful metric for gauging teachers’ impact on their students, two questions still remain:

  • How do I use this information to improve education?
  • How do I account for the fact that these are just estimates, measured with error?

To help policymakers answer these questions, we’ve developed some interactive visualization tools that we demonstrate in these short videos. If you would like to use these tools and customize them for your state or district, please contact us at

These tools were developed with free, open-source software. Ed Impact Lab staff used RStudio and the following libraries: Hmisc, d3treeR, Dplyr, geosphere, htmlwidgets, leaflet, randomNames, readr, scales, shiny, stringr, tidyr, treemap. To learn more about how you can create interactive visualizations that take raw educator impact data, like observation scores, evaluation results, or any meaningful measure, and make them work for you and your team, please contact us at to set up a phone call.